The tour – the history

Our next maxi picture vinyl will release pretty soon. As always it will be distributed by Intergroove.
We have just received one, which we think it´s fantastic.
In the other hand, we are looking forward the other remixes.

In a short time we will let you know who are the artists involved.



We will celebrate a party for the presentation of our dvd next 2th march at the Heineken club (Arena), Madrid.

August-September Eventually we have stopped for a couple of months to be able to keep working in new projects¡ keep reading:

In the near future, we will put you in your hands our Dirty Princess  for you to don´t regret, a dvd with the lives at the most amazing clubs around Europe, Dirty Princess new shirts (on sale by our website and shops),new songs, videos…
For the gore addited, you will delighted with Dirty Princess debut at the big screen, in a film produced (cult director gore by Reanimator, The Dentist….), in addition to Dirty Parties and a club on wednesdays ( underconfirmation though) for this near winter.

Rolling Stone august 2004

the first record from the most wild spanish duet.In the shadows, Big Toxic

Dirty Princess is the spanish producer, Big Toxic, new proyect. They already have a record , or like they say a consumer product.It is an printed opulent vinyl:
One face with the Mad Dildo logo rubber duck.The other one less inocent with the two princess resting on it.The maxisingle includes “jugar al reves” with three remixes:Two of them are from the german Roman Flugel(alter ego) and the other one is from Ai.

Rolling Stone march 2004

Disinhibit Princess

The presentation of electrospain recopilatory at madrid´s club ocho y medio started with the Insulina and Pony Girls singers which has reached abrasive temperature with dirty princess.First Yasmin asked to the public “drinks” and later swing completly. Would be all the princess dishinibit as they are?

Vanidad 12-03-04

The Value

There is a mini scene formed for many bands and clubs connect at Madrid.They have proposals and influences in common.Like internet, electronic music, the value and the cultural apology, the club life, and fashion like way of life…..above all, agaist the official art. …..are some of the stars of this new movement.
“Dirty Princess it is not an original proposal, it use sound tracks cliches based on standart occidental electronic music and is aplagiarist of it self” this is what their manifest say.They mix techno pop with the classic stetic. They really have a special merchandaising:inside a vacuum pack, underwear used by the singers!.They recommend pubic shave.”Electro disco discipline “ is their flag.

GQ april 04

incunabulum: you can´t copy the smell

Dirty princess born in madrid like a maternal answer against tedium and boremdom. That is why Dirty Princess create their own photos, stylism and merchandaising….the jewellery of these Dirty Princess crown are their use.Packet in vacuum.

La Luna. Diario El mundo.

Torrids performances

Techno musicians, fashion designer an artist mix in “actions”, one party proposal to take the out of it habitual pingeonholes.
(…)discipline.Dirty Princess the superband created by Big Toxic exmenber of Fangoria is in charge to put the music for Yasmin ( singer) lyrics and the visuales created by nikky (singer).They have monthley Dirty parties where they perpetrade their performances.Their job is “the disco electro disciplen”

NEO2 december 03

Dirty princess-pubic public

The most keenly anticipated proyect of Big Toxic, had its name.A white-trash protest of everything that came from the sky, a new actitud and way to be and say what you want to say.Two bad girls exuding politc.A artistic collective making parties, videos, performances,photos.This is not trance, this is not house, is disco-punk, electro-punk, electroclash or howerer you want to call it.This is Dirty Princess

-Another frivolous band?
Nikky-Living with so conservator goverment is difficult to be frivolous.
Yasmin-But you allways can have a glass of champagne and sufer for what is happeng to others.
The proyect:we give a rebel mesage. The music is comercial in a way.It is like an experiment that plays getting a cuality product the most unconfortable as possible.
Spanish Lyrics: (Yasmin) because when we are singing we can see thought the people eyes and we know they are understanding  and is nice to see their reaction.
You are a little bit:(Big Toxic) life became.The capitalism became true.If you say to the old people their savings ain´t future, you are generaiting it.
Songs about dark love:(Yasmin)if you talk about death you talk about love.Is a not tradicional way of love, we invite people to suffer, to live love in different ways . I discover that there is not love relantionship like between a master and a slave.
Masoquism:(Big toxic) In this country the stectic is a provocation.The punk put the SM clothes at the streets
Electroclash:(Big Toxic)Robots in disguise is electroclash and i like them.I don´t grumble of the electroclash.I think it is one of the most interensting things that happened in these years.The music is not the most important at this moment, you also need actitud and a mesage.You can belive on that.
Top Manta:( Big Toxic)we love to the in the top manta, we also thouth about have ower self top manta.
(Nikky) we wanted to give them the distribution ,but them we thought that the mafia can ask for more¡

6-Madrid. La Riviera
11-Amsterdam. Rauw
12-Tívoli. Utrecht
18-Valencia. Latex
26- Festival Cine de Gijón

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